wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

Top 20 wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks!

Today I have collected top 20 wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks, I want to share with you and I also invite you to share wig hacks down below so it’s just gonna be fun let me know if you’ve used any of these or if you have things to add that’ll be so fun so let’s just get started with my list hack.

1. Add an elastic band -wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

If you are wig is a little bit too big or you’re going to be wearing it for a long time and you’re afraid that it’s gonna slide you can add an elastic band from ear to ear so from ear to the back on your neck. 

2. Add bobbi pins -wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

If it’s a little bit too big or you just want to make sure the fit, you can put a bobby pin in to secure and I usually put the bobby pin in right back here above my ear and then that sort of secures it down, you can also slide it in on each side of where the combs are, that’s also a great way to not only secure the fit, but if you need it to be pulled down flat a little bit more that’s something that you can do. 

3.Use scar strips or band-aids under the part -wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

Number three is to use sort of those scarce trips or band-aids on the underside of the part to conceal the part, you don’t want to use powder or foundation, you can put those on the underneath side and then that’s what would be seen peeking through. 

4.Use a toothbrush style make up brush in the part – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

Number four is to use a toothbrush style makeup brush for the part, I always use a toothbrush, I think they’re technically called brush, one of these are from the creme shop, the other ones just achieved when I got you know from TJ Maxx or Marshalls and they just fit perfectly right in the part. 

synthetic wig with confidence.

5.Combine matching liquid & powder concealer with hairspray – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

Number five is to use liquid concealers with matching powder inset with hairspray – laughs, so if you I always carry my powder with me, but if you don’t want to be doing that, you can go in put in the liquid concealer, set it with a powder concealer – the same color and then spray the part and then it will last much much longer.

6.Use monistat short tern for chaffing or itchy lace – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

Number six is for a short-term basis, if you have a wig that’s a little bit itchy, sometimes it’ll have like the harder lace, you can use that Monistat to put right under where you’re getting sort of Chaffey, I would assume like Vaseline or something like that would work, that’s just a temporary short-term for me.

If I have a wig that’s super itchy, I’m just not going to wear it, but I know sometimes people are in different situations and they also don’t have any as many wigs as me as an option, so that’s something that can help with the itching and sort of rubbing of the wig. 

7. Use eyelash glue – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

Number seven use eyelash glue to tack down soft leaves this is like in a pinch, it’s not going to be as strong as maybe using like got to be glued or any other type of wig glue, but maybe you’re out or you’re at work or something is lifting, you can use eyelash glue it temporarily and you can’t be going yanking on it, it’s not like I got to be glued situation, but it could get you through a pinch.

8.Use concealer under wig or wig cap – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

Number eight is if the wake up doesn’t match the way, you can add concealer on the top part where it’s under the wig, so just in general I’m always putting concealer and powder in my part, some people don’t actually put concealer and powder in part in the part, they just use a wig cap you know that’s their sort of skin color, if that works for you that’s great, if it doesn’t then you can just conceal that wig cap with powder and concealer in the parting area. 

9.Use a silicone spray – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

wig tips for syntheric hair wig hacks

Number nine is to use a silicon-based spray to reduce sort of tangling in the wigs. I have this is just something, I’m using right now, but I’ve been using the sexy hair smoothing seal little spray, if I need to and it’s an anti sprays like a free spray, but I only use this just because I got it as a sample or what I don’t know why I would buy that little bottle, but I’m just like using it up. 

10.Put a fabric softener sheet under the cap – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

Number 10 is to when you are putting your wig away for the evening and you’ve gone out and take it off, if you want to reduce like the smell that it might have from, maybe sweating or what have you can put up under your wig head, underneath the wig head in the wig cap, you can slip a fabrics off and on like it’s dryer sheet and that will help and then you could also take a cloth and put a little bit of an essential oil like a lavender or something that you like and then lay the cloth down on the wig head and then put the wig on there and that will help with that smell and reducing that smell as well.

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11. Use dry shampoo – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

If you know I use dry shampoo a lot, if I feel like the wig is either too shiny or if I need it to like have a little bit more of a grit to look a little bit more natural, if you can’t find dry shampoo, you can always use baby powder, I wouldn’t suggest using a ton, because it may show up with a little bit of a white cast, but it can sort of help out in a pinch, these are hacks these aren’t like regular practices.

12. Wash wig in a downward motion – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

To avoid tangling when you’re washing the wig, I always say to wash the wig in like a downward motion, so if you are washing it or if you’re rinsing it, you don’t want to go up and down it, you don’t want to go in this sort of like squishy motion like you might do your natural hair, because these are fibers and then the fibers can get broken or split and things like that you don’t want to do that. 

13. Hang wigs in shower to dry – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

When you are drying your wig, you can hang it into the shower, so I have little hooks in my shower on the back of my shower and I just hang the wigs, thereby the wig cap to dry, I also tend to if it’s summertime, I’ll dry wash a bunch at once and then I will put them on a drying rack and then put them out in the yard. It’s kind of nice I mean my neighbors probably think I’m weird, but it gives it sort of that now your sun kissed drying is just for synthetic wigs. I know I don’t have much experience with human hair wigs at this point, but I do know that you know they can just change color in the sound like any human hair, so I’m not sure that that would be, I mean it’s not gonna be out there a ton, but I just I don’t know.

14. Use mascara or matching powder to fix part – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

If that would change the color or not so that’s something you might want to think about, if you have over plucked your part or if you want to sort of customize your wig a little bit, you can use waterproof mascara or I use these bigger toothbrush brushes and just like my brow powder, so say if I plucked a little bit too much, I would get the darker powder and then just rub it on really close, so then it would pull that parting in also do that, if you have like a full one color wig and you want to look make it look like it’s like rooted, you can do that as well.

15.Use baby hairs to mask hairline – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

Number 15 is to use baby hairs to mask the hairline, I don’t have baby hairs out now, but you can do that you’ll see a lot of people who are doing wigs pulling their baby hairs down, if you don’t have baby hairs to pull down, you can also take and create baby hairs, you could razor comb hair and then create baby hairs, if you would like, I don’t always use baby hair, sometimes I don’t necessarily feel like, it always is necessary and sometimes I’m lazy I don’t Care.

16. To sleep in a synthetic wig use silk pillow & scarf – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

Number 16 is if you plan to sleep in a wig, I’m a synthetic wig use a silk pillowcase and tie a scarf right along the hairline, I also suggest sort of pulling it back to the base of your head as well and you can also use a shower cap too, if you would like to make sure that you’re not getting enough a lot of friction and tangling this one I kind of already said.

17.Use powder to darken the roots – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

This is number 17 is to darken or root a wig for a natural blend, so if this didn’t have dark roots and it was just all blonde going the whole way, you could go in and add a few roots, so that it would just look like an ombre situation and then you could use your natural colored baby hairs and things like that just looks a little bit natural.

18. Tuck a piece of hair behind ear for uncomfortable ear tab – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

Number 18 is to tuck a piece of hair behind your ear for an uncomfortable ear tab which aren’t super far down, but if this was too far down and it was like bothering your ear, you could take the a piece of hair and tuck it back underneath your ear, so that this would be sitting down on the hair and not the ear time you can also cut back ear tabs, I haven’t really done that too much, I know there’s some other way reviewers and wig players that do that, so you might want to check that out too, if that’s something that’s consistently a problem. 

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19.Use liquid fabric softener – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

Number 19 is to use downy which is a liquid fabric softener to help detangle awake or to refreshing or to revive, so when I wash my wigs, I mean there’s synthetic, we’re wearing them as hair, but they are synthetic fibers, so I use Tide free, so that I’m not drawing and pulling out any hair or like inadvertently, changing the color and then I put a little bit of tide free in a bowl and then I also put a little bit of down in there, I soak the wigs and wash them, I rinse them through and that’s how I wash my wigs

20. Style the wig on your head – wig tips for synthetic hair wigs hacks

Number 20 is to style the wig on your head, I know a lot of people like to style them on a wig head which is great, but the wig head isn’t your head with your hairline in your shape and everything like that so to make it as real as possible, you’re going to want to customize it to your particular head and then you can put it on the wig head and do what you want to do to it, but especially with like the hairline in the fit. I always suggest you do that on that’s, why I do it on when I’m doing a wig review you see me doing it but yeah those are my twenty little wig hacks wig tips wig tricks tricks yeah tricks weight tips and tricks if you have any please share them and put them down below, if you’ve used any of these and you like them put them down below, so I would really really appreciate it.


Thanks for your reading the article, I hope I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article How to make the synthetic wig look more realistic in 5 simple steps for more elementary knowledge about synthetic wigs

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